About us

To those who came here for the first time, let us introduce ourselves! We are ParaBooks — a publishing house that specializes in everything creepy and mysterious. Right now we are particularly into the SCP Foundation.

Our main passions are artbooks and comic books, but we also enjoy designing all kinds of merchandise and stuff.

 As many other new companies, we started with a crowdfunding campaign. Our goal was to design and print three SCP artbooks. We wanted to fill them with cool illustrations by artists from all around the world and make them look like authentic research journals. We bought rights to the illustrations, commissioned many new ones and put a lot of effort into designing the layout, the slipcase and additional bonus merchandise for our backers. We also scheduled the production with one of the biggest printing companies in North America and picked the highest quality materials. 

And, despite all delays, COVID, force majeure and difficulties, we made it! The SCP community gave us an overwhelming support and appreciation we have never anticipated. Thanks to all these people, the books are ready and even available for sale now, as you can see from this website. It was quite a journey that taught us many things and inspired us for new projects. Yep, this was only the beginning!


Okay, so now you know what ParaBooks is. But who are Parabooks? From the very start, our team consisted of four members: Alexander the Director, Vlad the Designer, Alex the Manager, and the mysterious Founder. All of us have experience in book publishing, and we have very high standards when it comes to design, materials and customer experience. And we LOVE what we are doing. Nice to meet you! :)